Welcome to my work in progress...

Well, here it is. Nothing too exciting. As if you couldn’t guess, my name is John Scrip. I’m an audio mastering engineer and a motorcycle enthusiast.


I was Chief Engineer, then Senior Mastering Engineer at the JEM Music Complex in Chicago during the 1990's. I'm now the owner and sole engineer of Massive Mastering LLC. A lot of people don’t really understand the concept of audio mastering... It’s probably the least glamorous aspect of the music production process. People write songs and go into studios to record the individual instruments and parts (tracking). Then, they mix all those recorded elements together in a way that turns all those individual sounds into a cohesive recording (mixing). The mastering engineer’s responsibility is to take all of those individual mixes and “turn them into a record” - for lack of a better term. To give them a cohesive quality throughout the project. EQ adjustments, dynamics tweaking, the finished volume - Each track is processed to bring out the best qualities of that track while in turn, bringing out the best qualities of the project as a whole into a compliant production master from which all copies “on the shelf” will be made.

Motorcycling is another story -- I've owned a small string of motorcycles - mostly cruisers and heavy cruisers, both metric and USA made. My last three bikes have all been Harley-Davidson Touring models. I only drive around 2-3000 miles a year - in my car. Everything else is on two wheels from the time the streets are clear until they start dumping salt all over them in the winter. And man, I hate winter.

A lot of people use the “If I had to explain it, you wouldn’t understand” gibberish about motorcycling. Personally, I think that’s a cop-out. If I had to explain it to you, I’d fail. I can’t explain it to myself...

Anyway - Since I understand that they have the Internet on computers now, I figured I should jump on the band-wagon (no pun intended) and roll me out a nifty web site. This was my old business site until I developed MASSIVE Mastering - Now, it's just my little corner of the web.