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American Custom HD Mufflers

This one will take some reading -- Basically copying my own forum posts. The important thing is that these pipes span two completely different bikes with two completely different exhaust setups -- What worked one way on one bike was completely different on the other. So make sure you’re reading the right part for certain bikes. I’m not even quite sure where the catalytic converter was changed -- My ’08 Street Glide (FLHX) had no cat from what I know. The 2011 Electra Glide Classic (FLHTC) has the cat in the exhaust pipe -- A rather dramatic difference in air flow and sound.

Long story short, I’m looking for “nice, Harley sound” without being too loud or obnoxious. On the ’08, it took the “stock” type baffle setup with a bunch of additional holes drilled into the left baffle. No surprise there. On the ’11, with the catalytic converter in the pipe itself, it took a lot more flow -- The “medium” baffles, still with the additional holes drilled into the left baffle - That made the difference.

And if you’re a ‘newb with tools’ then don’t let any of this scare you -- I have a mechanical IQ of around 15. I shouldn’t be allowed around tools. But these removable baffles are easily drilled out to increase air flow (especially to the left, which seems to be the “big deal” when you’re looking for a “nice balance” in your sound) literally in minutes - And you’re back on the road sitting a little taller in the saddle.