Superflow Mufflers

Sometimes I type up reviews out of sheer excitement, other times out of sheer amazement - This one is out of sheer repetition. I’m just sick of typing it over and over again on the forums...
My first Harley was a 1996 Road King that I purchased ‘pre-driven’ -- Didn’t like the exhaust, but didn’t want to dump too much cash into it. Someone turned me on to Superflow (had an E-Bay store). Web site:

The Superflow system is simple: Using “dealer take-off” mufflers (those that are discarded when someone purchases a bike and requests a non-stock exhaust system), those mufflers are modified by using different “guts” to give them a better sound than stock. There are two types: The Superflows (generally designed with true-duals in mind) which have a completely replaced baffle and are obviously “not stock” visually and the Max Performance mufflers. Either available in Top slash, bottom slash and straight cut.

I had the 2” Superflows on my old Road King. Nice, a little “pillowy” sounding, not too loud. But here, I’m going to concentrate on the Max Performance 2’s...

Long story - Going to try to keep it reasonably short.

Bought a 2008 FLHX (Street Glide) and thought it sounded like a sewing machine with a Buick LeSabre exhaust. Didn’t sound like a Harley at all. One of my first calls was to Bob at Superflow Mufflers. Decided on the Max 2’s (there are Max 1’s, 2’s and 3’s available, going from soft to loud). Got ‘em in a matter of days. Freakishly affordable at around $150 for the pair. Noticed right off the bat that these are for standard exhaust systems - Not for duals. The mufflers are actually different from one another. The LEFT muffler is more or less a resonator - looks completely stock at a glance. The RIGHT muffler has a modified baffle, but also looks like a stock muffler. The left is the “thud” and the right is the “clack” (for lack of better terminology).

I put them on and went for a ride with a friend. A friend who had just dumped around $800 into his new true-dual Rinehart exhaust. He looked a little shocked as I pulled up into his driveway, asked me “what’s the deal? New exhaust?” (as they look like factory mufflers in every way) -- I told him what they were and how much I paid for them and he really didn’t say much (although we both know what he was thinking). The bike sounded wonderful.

But the story doesn’t end there -- As wonderful as it sounded, I thought it was a bit on the loud side. I didn’t want to be “that a**hole with the loud bike” in my neighborhood. And with the increasing number of local ordinances that can ticket you simply for not having the stock exhaust - even without relation to volume (although they can ticket you subjectively about volume in many areas also), I decided to try something different. So I arranged to have a set of Max 1’s shipped out. Put them on, went around the block, took them off. (A) They pretty much sounded stock. (B) They were obviously (visually) NOT stock. A double-negative if you want a little more volume and a factory appearance.


Well, almost - If you want a fantastic, pretty darn loud, powerful, authoritative-sounding exhaust for peanuts that looks like stock mufflers, look no further than the Max 2’s. You don’t even have to read anymore. You aren’t going to find a bargain like these.


If you’re in my position -- If you want a ‘nice’ sounding exhaust that doesn’t shake the windows, read on:

Bob was kind enough to let me return the Max 1’s and I was about to put the Max 2’s back on the bike when an absolutely crazy idea hit me... I put the left Max 2 (the “resonator”) on the bike and then put my stock right muffler on. Started it up and spun around the block and I was shocked - It sounded great. A very pleasant rumble at idle, a deep, throaty purr at speed, a wildlife-alerting bark when you gave it a twist.

Minor technical issue: The back of the Max pipes is black, the factory pipe is bare metal. Heck, I love black. So a quick trip to the hardware store for some high-temperature black spray paint and about 30 seconds later, they both looked identical. Interesting technical note: The stock pressure coming from the mufflers is somewhere around 40% left, 60% right. After the left pipe was on, that ratio changed to about 70% left and 30% right. Not being the mechanical wunderkind, I called the dealer. “How does it run?” Believe me, it ran fine and continues (over a year later) to run fine. Even noticed better rural highway (5th gear stuff) mileage out of it right away.

I haven’t yet tried the right M2 with the stock left... If anyone out there gives it a shot, feel free to let me know how it turns out.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for the thunder and the volume, you’ve got it. If you want something in the middle that won’t attract too much attention from the wrong people, you’ve got that too. At this point, Bob’s sold over 8500 pairs and has a 100% positive rating on his E-Bay page. Pretty impressive - As are his mufflers.

As for my riding buddy - He still has his Rineharts. But I know that if he could go back, he might’ve made a different decision...