NOTE: Yep, I SOLD the Uber-Glide. Not finding it easy to be without. Meh, someday once again I hope.

And of course, feel free to check out the photo album for this bike.

  • Weird stuff that I found partially blocking the exhaust pipe (wink)
  • Front Bumper (Still have it - It’s yours with the bike!)
  • Horizontal Saddle Bag Rails (Replaced with WinTec 5/16x18 Spike Nuts) Still have the rails too — 5 minutes and you’re set.


Somehow I thought there would be more. But I guess if you count all the things I bought and wound up NOT using, there would be more… Lots more. Much of this was transplanted from my '08 FLHX Street Glide, so the financial hit wasn't nearly as hard on the '11.